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RANGE: Alto - - from low F below middle C and up to D
Unions: Member of SAG and AFTRA

- Jingles -
"Toyota - Ride With The Best" Mp3 File
"Southern Olds Family": Hummingbird Productions Mp3 File
"Domino's Pizza": Hummingbird Productions Mp3 File
"Diet 7-Up": Hummingbird Productions Mp3 File
"Wrigley's Spearmint Gum": Hummingbird Productions
“Bisquick”: Hummingbird Productions
"NBC Today - Holiday New Day": 615 Music Companies
"Buttrey Grocery Chain": Hummingbird Productions
"Sweet Temptation": Rob Frazier Productions
"Colonial Bank": 615 Music Companies
"Lifetime TV - "Change The World": 615 Music Companies - (lead vocal/all bgv's)
"Regis & Kelly" TV Promo Nationwide: 615 Music Companies
"One Stop, RH Foster Market": 615 Music Companies
"NBC Ch. 11 WKYC, "All About The Bay": 615 Music Companies
"Morning Glory": Terry Sweet Productions
"Stanley Steemer": Luminous Sound
"Ford Country": Luminous Sound
"Miami Children's Hospital" - iv Music Group
"Jeanie" - iv Music Group
"AquaChoice": Luminous Sound
"Wrigley's Doublemint Gum" - Hummingbird Productions
"Blue Bonnet Butter" - Hummingbird Productions
"Pringles Potato Chips" - Hummingbird Productions
"Arizona Daily Star Newpaper" - Hummingbird Productions

- Voice Overs -
McDonald's TV Spot
McDonald's Radio Spot
Bridgestone Tires-Bob Summeral "Quarry Stone"- iv Music Group
"Aegis Health Care" - iv Music Group
HCA - "Choice" - iv Music Group
HCA - "Reach 4 The Stars" - iv Music Group

- Radio Package ID's -
KMPS Country Radio, Seattle, WA
Reelworld Productions -
KLTY - Jon Rivers